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Meet The Team

Project: Distributing Dignity is a Non-Profit Organization created by students for students. With the work from our diverse group of students and one caring adult, we hope to help students combat period poverty on the reservation


Founder & CEO

Mackenzie Boyd

Mackenzie (she/her) is a Junior at Colorado College Majoring in Geology and Minoring in Chemistry. She has been volunteering on and off the Pine Ridge Reservation for over seven years. She decided to start a non-profit in 2019 while a senior in high school after learning that many girls on the Reservation drop out of school due to a lack of affordable menstruation products. She began Project: Distributing Dignity as a way to level the playing field for girls so that they have every right that boys have in order to finish high school.


Founding Board Member

Maxwell Lerner

Max (he/him) is a Junior at the University of Northern Colorado. He is majoring in Psychology and is working towards a minor in Business Administration and a minor in Gender Studies. Max is transgender and understands the struggle of having to miss school for something you cannot control. He has missed plenty of school due to menstrual problems but luckily had resources to help him. Max understands just how important this movement truly is and wants to do what he can to help who he can. Max has been a part of PDD since its start in 2019 and he is excited to watch Project: Distributing Dignity grow and see how much good it can do for others.



Julia Rieth

Julia (she/her) has been a part of PDD since 2019 and has enjoyed her role as secretary. She is currently attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona, as part of the Class of 2025. She is majoring in Global Security & Intelligence Studies and is doing a minor in Psychology. Julia is passionate about helping other students because she missed a lot of time during high school due to menstrual migraines, so she knows how it feels to fall behind purely because of natural bodily functions. She fortunately had a supportive family and access to healthcare, so she has since found a better way to deal with her struggles, but wants to pay it forward and provide as much help and compassion as possible through the efforts of Project: Distributing Dignity.


President & CFO

Kara Boyd

Kara (she/her) is a Michigan State University graduate.  She has been a project manager for various non-profits. She has volunteered with the Reservation for over eight years. Through Christmas present drives, clothing, water, and medical food drives, as well as a Prom attire drives (her favorite), she is passionate to help her brothers and sisters on the Reservation. She is also an advocate for the MMIW movement (or Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women). She is the mother of two amazing human beings, and the wife of a wonderful guy who puts up with all her social activism activities. 

email: kara@projectdistributigdignity

Board Member

Jessica Ferguson

Jessica (she/they) is currently a Junior at the University of Northern Colorado, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Gender Studies. She is deeply honored to have been invited to be a board member for Project: Distributing Dignity in Fall 2021. After learning more about the various inequalities that many individuals face on the reservation regarding menstruation, they were inspired to help students have equal access to education regardless of menstruating. Jessica is excited for Project: Distributing Dignity to grow and help others.

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