The Project

Project: Distributing Dignity was developed by high school students (and one mother) to fight for the needs of students on the Pine Ridge Reservation.   On the Reservation, the median income is approx.  $7700 per year. Many families simply cannot afford wood or propane to heat their homes.  With an unemployment rate of 80% and an average of 17 people living in each family home, life on the reservation is harsh and hopeless.  

Families already must make the difficult decision of whether to buy food or to provide heat. Period poverty on the Reservation means that there is no money for menstrual products, and students must rely on primitive means. Students will have to miss school when they are on their period and missing a week per month takes a toll on their education. Those students often fall so far behind that they have no choice but to drop out. Graduation rates on the reservation are already low, and these students are missing school because of something they have no control over.

We believe all students deserve an education! 


Our Mission

Project: Distributing Dignity believes that every student has a right to an education regardless of financial status and menstrual cycles! We want to do what we can to provide products to students who don't typically have immediate resources!

70% of Pine Ridge students drop out of school
52% of families on the Reservation live below the poverty line

Our Vision

One day, with the generosity of others, students will be able to get their deserved education and #periodpoverty will be a thing of the past!

We Need Your Support Today!