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Exciting News!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Earlier in the project, our team had asked the US Olympic Volleyball team for help in finding a pair of size 16 shoes for a student at the Pine Ridge High School. After we had gotten into contact with the team, we were able to explain what destitute conditions are on the Reservation. We explained how many students need basic items such as food, heat, and water. When they answered, they told us that we could take their whole warehouse!

Since the Volleyball team is switching vendors, they are donating all their 2021 products to a qualified on-profit (meaning, us!) who can help those who have been affected by poverty. Project: Distributing Dignity will be bringing up over 300 pairs of shoes, sweatpants, socks and sweatshirts to the schools, victims services center, and the homeless on the Reservation.

Thank you, US Volleyball Team! This is a huge donation that will make a momentous change in the lives of many students!

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